For seven years I’ve been working on and off with the community of Borger and surrounding district to realise a major land art work that I designed in 2008 at the invitation of the Hunebed Centrum, Borger.

The design is based upon the question: what meaningful sculpture would reflect the story of the land and the people of the present day society of the Hondsrug/Hunze Valley – in particular the district of Borger. The sculpture should respond to the deeply meaningful legacy, such as the hunebedden, from 5000 years ago of the Middle Neolithic society.

It is encouraging that farmers and local inhabitants, including some highly respected architects, archaeologists, prominent business people and politicians continue to see my project as being locally and nationally important. And to be seen along side the world famous land art work ‘Broken Circle’ by the late Robert Smithson in nearby Emmen.

In these depressed economic times, raising the necessary funds to realise this work has proved challenging. Further more, there have been problems beyond our control in the purchase of the land to accommodate the 100m long work. Whereas we thought the project would start this year the land issue has put things back by a year. Pending a successful outcome, construction of the project is now scheduled to begin in 2015 and intense effort will be spent tying up loose ends such as funding, assessment of the thousands of stones already collected by the community plus continuing our engagement with local schools.

Land Art in Borger, Province of Drenthe, The Netherlands
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